Develop Mobile Apps without Code.

Handheld Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Builder

With Handheld, you can build native apps without writing a single line of code.

Handheld Native Components

Native Components

Handheld makes it effortless to make apps that look like they belong on both iOS and Android.

Handheld One-click Styles

One-Click Styles

With one click, you can instantly change the style of your element to create complex apps.

Handheld Capture User Action

Capture User Action

You can submit data, change pages, and more by clicking and holding down on elements.

Handheld Real Data

Connect to Real Data

Handheld lets you connect your app to an API, Firebase, and lots more services.

Handheld iOS and Android Export

One-Click Export

Handheld lets you export to iOS, Android, and the Web in just one click.